Margot Micallef & Warren Broad – It’s The Landing That Counts: Finding Peace, Happiness and Prosperity When Your Life Falls Apart

Jack interviews authors, Margot Micallef and Warren Broad about the topic of their new book: It’s the Landing That Counts: Finding Peace, Happiness and Prosperity When Your Life Falls Apart.

The interview tackles the issue of being in crisis from two perspectives. Margo Micallef, from the perspective of a business strategist and Warren Broad as a specialist on personal issues and addiction. They’ve each dealt with crisis and adversity in their own lives and have learned how to put that aside and move forward in a positive direction.

A quote they use from Mike Tyson aptly illustrates how someone’s life can go: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” You can plan your business and you can plan your life, but then something happens and you’re thrown off track. It’s often hard to get back on track without some help and guidance and that is what It’s the Landing That Counts provides.

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