Dr. Ben Grams – The Solution To Back and Neck Pain That No One Is Telling You About

In this episode, Dr. Ben Grams, leading expert in physical medicine and pain relief and author of “The Solution To Back and Neck Pain That No One Is Telling You About“, exposes some of the biggest myths and misconceptions people suffering from chronic pain have about treatment alternatives.

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, more Americans suffer from pain than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined—that’s 100 million people—making it one of the most complex and troublesome health problems of our time.

Many chronic pain sufferers think that dangerous pain medications and surgery are the only solutions. Others have lost hope and feel that living with their pain is the only option.

As an award-winning chiropractic physician and a champion of evidence-based and patient-centered health care, Dr. Grams has a long track record of helping chronic pain sufferers regain their health and be able to live and enjoy their lives in a fuller capacity without drugs or surgery by integrating the best of the holistic and medical worlds.

Listen as Dr. Grams shares the moving story about his grandmother that inspired him to dig deep into the world of pain management and write a book that has the potential to change so many lives for the better.

The Solution To Back and Neck Pain That No One Is Telling You About” is available on amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback editions at http://amazon.com/dp/B01MUBYJQH

Dr. Grams’ clinic, HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab, is located in Little Falls, Minnesota, where he has practiced since 2011.

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* Medical Disclaimer – The information presented in this episode is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The listener should consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and before making any changes to prescribed medications or procedures.

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