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In this episode, Jack talks to Sofia Denman, author, speaker, CEO, and Creator of ‘Cinch it!’.

Sofia Denman created the simple but ingenious product ‘CInch It!,’ a fashion accessory or ‘Fashion Fix It’ as she calls it, that allows women to look better, feel sexier, and be more confident in their current wardrobe. Cinch It is perfect for weight loss transitions and making clothes fit better without alterations.

Listen in as Sofia shares the story of ‘Cinch it!’ from idea to realization and how all the critical steps to success seemingly fell into place. Some would call it serendipity, but Sofia has a knack for seizing little moments that create life-changing results.

Sofia’s passion is to inspire women to look good and feel more confident. As the host of the Manifest Your Bliss Podcast with Sofia, she shares the “secrets” to living a life of (BLISS) which she defines as a life of perfect happiness through understanding the Law of Attraction, applying Mindfulness via meditation, gratitude, and a well-being mindset to manifest your heart’s desires.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Sofia is an admitted chaser of “shiny objects” and fearless when it comes to launching new things. Her objective is always to add more value to the world by providing others with the tools and strategies they can immediately use to improve their lives.

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