About Jack

Jack Mize - Influencers RadioJack Mize is the host of Influencers Radio, contributor to Inc.com, Huffington Post and co-founder of Authority Alchemy where he is laser focused on helping entrepreneurs and professionals position themselves as educators and advocates for the success of their clients and prospects.

In addition to consulting directly with leaders in the fields of business, finance, health, real estate and personal development, Jack has helped hundreds of marketing consultants and media agencies grow their businesses with his outside the box strategies to boost client authority and positioning within their industry.

His philosophy was born out of what at first seemed to be a major conflict with no obvious solution when he realized very early that a career in sales was far more profitable than a fixed paycheck. But he discovered one big problem… he couldn’t stand traditional selling. “I hate selling, but I love making people want to buy,” Mize proclaims. There had to be a way to reconcile this contradiction, he thought.

“Getting paid for results rather than activity always drove me to work smarter and harder,” he says. “Sales was the clear path, but I had to do it my way.”

Jobs such as selling newspaper and cable television subscriptions door to door were always available, mainly because they were commission only and they had a revolving door of applicants that would be filtered out quickly by rejection and failure with little to no pay. Even so, for Jack Mize it was to be the quickest option for a young entrepreneur in the making to earn bigger paychecks while working fewer hours than his friends flipping burgers for minimum wage.

Income was unpredictable, and there were even some slumps where he’d find himself with nothing to show for a week of hitting the pavement, knocking on doors. It was the rejection he hated, the feeling he was trying to talk someone into something for his benefit, not theirs.

Once he figured out that knocking on the door and quickly unloading a round of “Do you want to buy…. ” before he heard the dreaded “not today” or “we can’t afford it right now” was not doing the trick. That’s when he came up with his “Don’t sell – Make them want to buy” strategy.

It was all in the positioning and the results were remarkable.

One of the things the Cable Company “asked” salespeople to do, for no additional pay, was to make a note of which houses on each street had dogs in the backyard because their installers would need access to cable boxes.

Mize took this opportunity to reposition himself from a cable salesman to an “auditor” for the cable company. “I would simply knock on doors and introduce myself as an auditor for the cable company and let them know that we were going to be doing some work on their street over the next week and needed to know if they kept any dogs in the backyard. People that didn’t have cable would always reply with ‘but we don’t have cable’ and I would explain that the main wires ran thorough everyone’s backyard and we may need access to theirs.”

This removed one of the biggest things Mize hated about selling door to door, which was launching into a pitch as soon as they opened the door.

Once the resident understood why he was asking they would give him the information. He would thank them and just as he would turn to leave he would pivot back and say “By the way, they wanted me to let you know that since they are going to be out here anyway that they are waiving installation charges if you wanted to start getting all the channels and movies hooked up next week.”

With that repositioning, Mize never felt the same kind of rejection because he got to present the special deal, not as a salesman, but as someone passing along valuable information. Sure he’d get plenty of “No thanks,” but the warmest prospects, and there were plenty, would ask him to tell them more.

Jack no longer felt that he was trying to talk them into something just for his benefit, it was for theirs, helping them choose options and explain why they shouldn’t get certain channels because they were just repeats of another channel they were already getting.

He didn’t have to sell. They wanted to buy and he was able to help them make educated decisions. They looked at him as an authority, an educator and advocate. Some would even call their neighbors and let them in on this great offer, and they would have their doors open and ready to subscribe.

The power of this positioning earned Jack top “salesperson” for many months, even though he never felt like he had to sell.

Over the years Jack Mize has adjusted and tuned his strategies. By helping his customers reposition themselves from traditional hard sales tactics to being the Educators and Advocates for their prospects and customers success, Jack has been credited with saving businesses and changing lives.

Today Jack Mize loves interviewing and introducing Educators and Advocates from diverse areas of business, finance, fitness, spirituality, psychology and so many others to the growing audience of Influencers Radio listeners.