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Jack interviews online funnel marketing specialist, Ryan Levesque  about the powerful way he uses online surveys for himself and his clients.

Ryan is a former neuroscience instructor at Brown University and has specialized in the psychology of buying and has applied it to online marketing, creating amazing results for his clients. In this interview, Ryan “pulls back the curtain” on his strategy, sharing the steps and the psychology behind what he’s doing, why he’s doing it and the results that can result from how he uses surveys.

What’s Influencing the Influencer?

Ryan Levesque is an avid reader and tries to read a book a week, usually on the topics of business or psychology. He has been influenced by so many authors and mentors, it’s hard for him to recommend one or two specific people. He does, however, recommend the following books:

Influence – by Robert Cialdini

Call of the Mall  – by Paco Underhill

Why We Buy – by Paco Underhill

The 48 Laws of Power  – Robert Greene

Mastery  – Robert Greene

Ryan also recommends listening to the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast by John Lee Dumas.

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