Loie Watkins – New Trend in Virtual Accounting Solutions for Private Schools

In this episode, Jack talks with Loie Watkins, owner of Optimal CFO, about how she is helping private schools to balance the books and stay on top of their unique financial concerns.


There are so many private schools that are GREAT at what they do when it comes to serving their students and community. However, the special financial concerns for many of these organizations such as financial aid, tuition costs, and preparing and managing school budgets often get neglected with the traditional basic bookkeeping model. Without having an in-depth analysis of the school’s unique finances, quality institutions can face some devastating financial surprises.

That’s why the heads of many private schools are turning to Loie Watkins to set up and manage their accounting systems, allowing them to focus on all the other areas of responsibility in their leadership roles.

As a virtual CFO and accountant, Loie is passionate about applying her 21 years of expertise in the accounting and finance field to helping private schools manage their accounting and financial operations so they thrive, prosper, and fully carry out their missions.

To learn more about Loie Watkins and Optimal CFO, visit https://www.TheOptimalCFO.com

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