Ashley Schock – Transform Your Home From a Place You Live to a Place You Love with Holistic Design

In this episode, Jack talks with Ashley Schock, Founder of Simply Beautiful Living, about her holistic approach to interior design.

Have you ever thought about how your home feels? Too often we put so much emphasis on the material things that surround us and how our home looks to others. We forget about what really makes us feel connected to our home, what makes us comfortable, and what makes a house feel like a home.

Interior designer Ashley Shock’s philosophy is that design comes from the inside out and should bring happiness, harmony, and joy. She believes you deserve a home that reflects your true essence and personality—one that evolves with you as you move through the chapters of your life.

Ashley’s company, Simply Beautiful Living, helps clients design a space that reflects their personal style and needs, effortlessly blending beauty, comfort, and practicality. Her holistic approach offers an intuitive blend of design and functionality that turns each room in a home into a nourishing sanctuary in which to live, work, connect, and recharge.

If you’ve been feeling like your house has just become a collection of stuff rather than the place you love to call home and a space that serves you and the ones you love, then this episode is for you.

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