Billy Wagner – Simplifying Life For Success In Business And Beyond

In this episode, Jack talks with Billy Wagner, Insurance Agency owner and mentor to thousands of Real Estate professionals, about how he manages his team to create exceptional value and success for his customers, employees, and ultimately his business and personal life.

When a family is looking for a new home, they generally engage the services of Real Estate Agents, Mortgage professionals, Title companies, and Insurance Brokers, among many others.

Like most professions, the Real Estate business is a team sport. No one knows this better than Billy Wagner. He is accustomed to winning insurance industry accolades, and he views his success as a beacon for those in need.

When Billy set out to raise funds for the Folds of Honor, he authored a book on Insurance, a subject he knows best. His book, “Insuring Your Peace of Mind,” has raised over $30,000 for Folds of Honor. Supporting Folds of Honor is a way for him and all of us to prove that the sacrifices of American Heroes will never be forgotten.

Billy started his Agency, Brightway Insurance, Ponte Vedra Beach, in 2006, and it is now recognized as one of the top-selling agencies in the U.S.

Listen in and you’ll hear how Billy’s obsession with saving time and simplifying his life has led him to improve upon his core values of Relationships, Growth, and Making an Impact for himself as well as the thousands of other Real Estate professionals that he’s helped to do the same.

To reach Billy Wagner and learn more about his playbook for success, visit:

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