LinLi Wang – Heart-Centered Financial Services and Education

In this episode, Jack talks with heart-centered financial services professional LinLi Wang.

It’s one thing to work hard to make money, but it takes a completely different skill set to make that money work hard for you.

Why is it that so many smart people, with good jobs, and making good money, find themselves struggling when it comes to personal finances and building wealth?

LinLi Wang is a heart-centered financial services professional who provides financial education to help her clients take control of their future by increasing their financial literacy.

As a former IT engineer and director, she understands how personal finances can take a back seat to your job or business. That’s why she is passionate about teaming up with her clients to create an empowering money mindset so they can unlock wealth and live a fulfilled life of freedom.

LinLi is passionate about helping people who feel lost or overwhelmed to develop a strong mindset around money so they can get back on the right track to financial health regardless of their current situation.

LinLi not only provides financial services and education to individuals, but she also loves to train others to become financial services professionals so that they can educate and help others to create an empowering money mindset.

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