Keri Murphy – Growing Your Audience & “IT FACTOR” With Video

In this episode Keri Murphy of discusses how to really make videos to grow your business and position you as a celebrity entrepreneur.

With a background in the TV industry, Keri grew frustrated when she saw video after video showing entrepreneurs making unflattering videos that put people off, instead of engaging them.

She’s made it her mission to teach entrepreneurs how to develop their “It Factor” and that includes making videos that show their authentic selves.

Keri explains that perfection should not be a goal when making videos. People want to see the real you and what you have to offer for them. It’s critical to switch your thinking from “it’s all about me” and perfection, to “it’s all about that one person” who is struggling and needs what you have to offer.

She discusses some of the different types of videos that you should make for your business. She also shares some great tips on the techie side of making videos, concerning lighting and audio do’s and don’ts.

Videos are a critical piece of your marketing strategy. In this interview, you’ll learn some great information to help you make the best of using videos.

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