Dalisia Coppersmith – How Strong Women can Overcome the Hero to Villain Cycle

In this episode, Jack talks with diversity speaker and executive coach Dalisia Coppersmith.

Dalisia specializes in coaching and advocating for assertive, high-achieving women in the workplace. Her personal mission is to “Restore the women who can change our world.”

Noting the challenges that women face at every level and in every industry, Dalisia shared her insights on how strong women can navigate the workplace, where their performance is praised but their personalities are often criticized. She explains the “Hero-to-Villain” cycle, where strong women in leadership are asked to tackle tough projects and when they succeed, they become a target for criticism. She emphasizes that everyone can benefit from recognizing and addressing unconscious bias against assertive women in the workplace. No one wins when these talented women walk out.

Dalisia also discussed her one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and retreats with her clients who need to reset and transform their impact at work. In addition to her coaching services, she is writing a book tentatively titled From Fed Up to On Fire: The Strong Woman’s Guide to Making a Big Comeback, which aims to help women overcome workplace challenges and make a big impact in their careers.

Throughout the interview, Dalisia’s passion and enthusiasm shine through. Her goal is to help strong women and their organizations to overcome these workplace dynamics so they can achieve all they are meant to. This episode is sure to be a valuable resource for strong women at any stage of their careers.

To learn more about Dalisia Coppersmith, visit https://www.DalisiaCoppersmith.com

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