Laurice Duffy – Reimagine, Rebuild and Rise Up Over Adversity

In this episode, Jack talks to Women’s Empowerment Coach Laurice Duffy, founder of A Mindful Journey and host of the Aligned and Awakened podcast.

Laurice Duffy is a Women’s Empowerment Coach passionate about inspiring middle-aged women who have faced life-changing circumstances to take back their power so they can Reimagine, Rebuild and Rise Up.

Drawing on a background in psychology and driven by her own experience of surviving and thriving in the face of adversity, Laurice brings intuition, support, and accountability to women’s journeys toward growth and self-love.

As the host of the Aligned and Awakened podcast, Laurice brings her listeners heartfelt, honest, and open conversations about overcoming setbacks, releasing fear and learning to live a life aligned with one’s values.

Laurice is also the creator of RISE, an active Facebook community that invites women to get out of autopilot and begin consciously creating the life they desire within a supportive sisterhood of 2500 like-minded females.

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