Dr. Luiza Dreasher – Mastering Cultural Differences For Leading a Global Workforce

In this episode, Jack talks with Luiza Dreasher, Ph.D. author of “Mastering Cultural Differences: Strategies for Leading a Global Workforce,” about how she is helping organizations create environments where all individuals feel included and can thrive.

Workplaces today are becoming increasingly more diverse, and globalization is creating business opportunities all over the world. To ensure the greatest chance for success, it’s important that leadership understands and embraces social and cultural differences so they can avoid misunderstandings and create productive and profitable workplaces.

As the President and CEO of Mastering Cultural Differences, Luiza designs and implements customized programs for organizations to help them address the incredible challenges of increasingly diverse workplaces and create a company culture where all individuals feel valued, respected, included, and that they belong.

If you have a team that can understand social and cultural differences and has the skills to work effectively across those differences, chances are your business will be able to form more productive relationships with diverse clients and colleagues and even help your company expand into diverse markets.

To learn more about Dr. Luiza Dreasher and her training solutions for culturally diverse organizations, visit: https://www.masteringculturaldifferences.com

Connect with Dr. Dreasher on LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/luiza-dreasher-phd

“Mastering Cultural Differences: Strategies for Leading a Global Workforce” is available in Kindle and Paperback editions on Amazon at https://amazon.com/dp/B0921Z29C9

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