Etienne Gravel – Anti-Virus For The Mind

Jack talks with Etienne Gravel about his Anti-Virus for the Mind system which specializes in helping people deal with depression by focusing on the unresolved conflict, he calls a ” mind virus,”.

Similar to a computer virus,  the person has issues that revolve around whatever caused that problem in the first place. Without the proper tools, people can’t fix the feelings surrounding the root cause of their problem. The symptoms, experienced on a daily basis, are what people call depression.

Etienne explains that every memory has an emotional counterpart to it, or a “charge”. So a negative memory would have a negative charge associated with it. People encode information in the same way: eyes, ears, feelings, touch, sound, etc. and it’s possible to reprogram, distort or change the charge and the feelings associated with negative memories and experiences in the mind.

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