Jon Gardner – Get Course is Unfolding Hidden Opportunities For Financing Higher Education in Australia

Imagine thinking that you were set in your career path for life – and hated it. Or the job you were doing wasn’t providing enough income to meet your needs or grow your circumstances.

In this interview with Jack, Jon Gardner explains how he helps people get past these obstacles.

Jon unveils a solution that has been unwittingly neglected by Australian citizens. The government has a program which pays for people to go to school as a loan, if they and the program they’re doing qualify. And the best thing is they don’t have to start paying back this loan until they’re earning $53,000 a year.

He’s uncovered this financing program which has a name that doesn’t describe what it provides.

Furthermore, he helps people make sure they’re taking the right course at the right school to qualify for all these benefits.

Both young and old can take advantage of this loan program. In addition, more and more courses are being added to increase the options for career paths that people can choose from.

Jon is responsible for helping many people in Australia change their lives as they change their career paths.
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