Keri Newell – Communication Magic With Men

In this fascinating interview, Keri shares some communication secrets with Jack that have helped save and rebuild countless relationships. These include not just relationships between men and women, but those between parents and children, siblings, co-workers, and even strangers.

Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but thank goodness for all of us, Keri Newell has the dictionary to translate man-speak to women.

Learning these “language” skills have, in the past, seemed impossible, as men struggle to understand women and vice versa. Keri has spent the last fourteen years, along with her mother, Dr. Sherie Zander, researching and interviewing men and women, and working with singles and couples.

As a result, they’ve developed a system called Communication Magic with Men which teaches women what they might change to make their relationships better and bring the romance back.

Keri points out the physical differences between the male and the female brains which help to explain the differences in thinking, speech and behavior between the two sexes. She also points out that because of these differences in thinking, women often inadvertently can say things that, over time, alienate the men in their lives.

Understanding what to say or how to say it can make all the difference in the world for relationships and Keri makes this happen.

These are skills which will work not only in the home, but at work and out in the world at large.

This is definitely a must-listen-to interview!

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