Kevin DiDonato – Long Lasting Weight Loss Through Small Changes and Achievable Results

Lasting results from most weight loss programs, such as The Biggest Loser, are not something most folks can get. If you want achievable results, listen to this interview with Kevin DiDonato.

Kevin has unlocked the key to the achievability of weight loss and wellness results – and long-lasting results. Despite their popularity, he doesn’t believe in the quick-fix fad diets. Even if people lose weight, many will inevitably gain it all back, and then some.

Kevin believes that it’s all in fixing the mindset and having a positive behavior change. And quite simply, he does it by using goals in a different way than most people think about goals.

He recommends setting small goals based on small changes. Rather than the typical “I’m going to lose twenty pounds” goal that many set, his clients might choose a goal of eating two more pieces of fruit every day. This goal is more likely to be achieved and will, over time, lead to the weight loss that is desired.

Another key distinction is that Kevin’s clients choose their own goals, making it easier to achieve them. This is incredibly powerful. And as they achieve their goals, their positive mindset is reinforced.

If you know someone who has struggled for years to lose a few pounds or inches, this is a must listen-to interview.

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