Nate Bailey – Living Your Legacy Every Day

In this episode Jack talks with Nate Bailey, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur and Author of the new book “Live Your Legacy: The 90 Day Lifestyle Roadmap” which is quickly redefining the meaning and goals so many have around Legacy.

For Nate, Legacy is much more than the financial wealth that we accumulate throughout our lifetime. We leave a Legacy in all of the big four areas of our lives: Family, Finance, Fitness, and Faith and in order for us to leave a Legacy, we must choose to lead a Legacy Lifestyle.

Listen as Nate shares the story of how he prepared for the SEALFIT Kokoro 45 training camp. Nate explains how the intense and sleepless 52-hour challenge, which is modeled after the US Navy SEAL Hell Week, brutally tested his physical and mental capacity.

Nate was one of only 9 out of the 28 who started the camp to successfully complete the 3 days. Discovering the ability to control his mental, spiritual and physical resilience gave Nate the courage, confidence, and wisdom to transform into the person he is today.

There is a battle being fought between what Nate describes as the superhero and villain residing inside each and every one of us – a battle for the power over our decisions, actions, and ultimately our results in life. Nate is dedicating his life to helping others transform into the person they have to become to win that battle.

With his new book “Live Your Legacy: The 90 Day Lifestyle Roadmap”, Nate’s powerful philosophy is grabbing the attention of many successful, but unfulfilled, entrepreneurs and professionals who are using his roadmap to shift their perspective and focus from working to build and leave a Legacy, to living out their Legacy each and every day.

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