Renée Jones – Disarming Comfort Eating Triggers

In this interview with Jack, Renée shares how she overcame years of yo-yo dieting to not only attain, but be able to maintain her ideal weight for years. Now she’s helping others do the same.

If you’ve ever been on the weight loss grind, Renée Jones has been there with you. Trying every diet in the book, every new weight loss fad, every “magic pill” that’s out there. And, yes, they worked for a while, but, inevitably, the weight came back, often more than before.

Renée has identified that most people have what she calls triggers for eating comfort foods. Some of those triggers originate from things that happened in your past life, perhaps as a child growing up.

The personal success she’s had in keeping her own weight off and the success her clients are having, as well, are a testament to the power of what she teaches those clients.

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