Julie Bartkus – Child Care Business Success Movement

In this interview, Child Care Business Success Movement Founder, Julie Bartkus, shares with Jack how her passion for helping child care business owners positively impacts children, their parents and a community.

Julie Bartkus, a consultant to child care business owners, helps to maintain or reinvigorate the passion these business owners have for a business which is critical to the health of our economy – the care of children when their parents have to work.

She shares how she works with not only the business owners to have successful businesses, but, more importantly, with their staff, creating strong fans who will market the business both with their behavior at work and their words when out in the community.

What’s Influencing the Influencer?

Julie Bartkus has herself been influenced through the years by the spoken word and how it could change her life (and others’ lives). She has been inspired to change others’ lives with her own words. Les Brown is one specific motivational speaker whose words impacted her decades ago.

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