Aldene Etter – Relax With Purpose to Achieve a More Fulfilling Life

In this episode, Jack talks with Bodyworker and Coach Aldene Etter about how she is helping busy professionals increase their productivity and enjoyment of life by slowing down.

Without a doubt, a Mom is potentially the most influential person in their kids’ lives.

Overachievers, over-doers, overthinkers, over-givers; if you don’t know one, then there’s a good chance you are one. If that’s the case, there’s also a good chance that it’s leaving you feeling drained, in pain, tense, overwhelmed, numb, empty, stuck, or resentful.

So, can your inability to slow down be interfering with your ability to be productive?

According to Aldene, it can affect not only your productivity but also your relationships, health, and spiritual growth.

As a Bodyworker and Coach for 20 years, Aldene has been helping people address the pain and drain in the body and create balance so they can experience more energy and focus along with the mental and emotional capacity to navigate life.

Listen in and you’ll quickly understand the impact Aldene’s calming way can have on your life.

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