Ali Kauss – Transformational Adornments: Jewelry That Empowers Your Journey

In this episode, Jack talks with Jewelry Artist and Holistic Metalsmith Ali Kauss, the creator of Transformational Adornment.

Throughout history, jewelry has been more than a simple fashion accessory. Jewelry teaches us about different cultures; it’s something people hold dear and pass down through generations. To Ali Kauss and her clients, it can be so much more.

For over 20 years, Ali has been creating pieces of jewelry with precious metals that speak to the essence of an individual’s journey. Each piece is handcrafted using Ali’s unique creative process, one that involves traditional tools and techniques as well as her intuition. The result is a beautiful, customized, and powerful symbol of empowerment and encouragement to express individuality and claim self-worth.

Transformational Adornments begin with Ali listening to her client’s intention, whether that client is going through a challenging time and needs a token of her inner strength, celebrating a life event and wants to create a Modern Heirloom, or simply looking for a one-of-a-kind statement of who she truly is.

Listen in as Ali shares the deeper meaning behind her pieces and the profound impact the design and creation process can have on her clients.

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