Barbara Wallick – Cracking The Money Code

In this episode, Jack talks with Wealth Transformation Expert Barbara Wallick about how she helps women around the world face their relationship with Money & Success.

As a Certified Master NLP Coach and Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the Financial Industry working as a Personal Financial Planner, Barbara helps her clients overcome the limiting beliefs and other obstacles that create what she calls deep-rooted Money Blocks.

Listen in as Barbara explains how the fears and self-doubt embedded from our past can cause us to self sabotage our own success because deep down, we may feel we don’t deserve it. But more importantly, how she assists her clients in going deep into the unconscious mind to clear all that doubt and fear, allowing them to realize their full potential and design a road map for reaching their financial goals.

To learn more about Barbra Wallick and get Free Access to her “Revive Your Financial Plan in 2021” mini-course, visit:

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