Carole Isenberg – Be the Storyteller Not The Story

In this episode, Jack talks with Carole Isenberg, founder of The Mother Lode Experience, about how she is helping people connect to their authentic self and become conscious of behavior patterns to discover what’s working and what isn’t and develop the tools to make changes.

Carole is an Emmy nominated TV and film producer with a passion for storytelling and a fascination with human behavior.

The Greek philosopher Socrates famously said, “The unexamined life is not worth living”. For Carole, the examination of one’s life begins with the exploration of the matrilineal line. Our mothers and even grandmothers are often the originators of the stories we tell ourselves… about ourselves as well as the curators of beliefs and internal laws by which we often live our lives.

Whether you were close with your mother or it was a struggle, Carole knows that examining this connection is worth its weight in gold. Awareness of the impact these connections can have on the choices we make provides an opportunity to break through generations’ themes and ignite the next chapter of one’s life.

Today, Carole’s mission is to inspire individuals from pre-teens to elders across all borders in a language they easily understand and assist them in accessing and developing their most potent realized selves.

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