Chris Atley – Transforming Business Success Into A Super Successful Lifestyle

Chris Atley works with business owners and entrepreneurs who are on the brink of business burnout.

In this interview Chris discusses with Jack how she helps them get off the entrepreneurial hamster wheel enabling them to transform their current success in business to achieve what she calls super success in life.

In the beginning, it makes sense for a small business owner or entrepreneur to try to do everything as they try to bootstrap the startup of their business.

As the business grows, however, continuing to do everything will lead to burnout and, in most cases, can hinder the business growth they would otherwise achieve.

These people also find that their family life is suffering because they just don’t have the time to participate as they would like to.

Chris helps business owners learn how to give up some of the functions they’ve been doing.

Furthermore, she helps them do this not only in their business lives, but in their personal lives, as well.

There are many great tips in this interview on how you can achieve a better work/life balance when your business is taking off.

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