David Williams – High Stakes Decision Making Strategies For Leading Your Team Into a New Market

You would think that highly successful business people will continue to be successful with no doubts or obstacles in their way. After all, they’ve already proven they can bring great ideas to fruition.

Dave Williams, a business coach to the highly successful, has found that it’s quite the opposite. Even the most successful, when venturing into a new market, will have the same doubts, fears and worries that the rest of us have.

In this interview with Jack, Dave shares how he helps the ultra successful bring new ideas to market while working out the kinks their staff and personal relationships may have with leaving the status quo.

These business owners often assume that their great ideas will be met with cheers and glee. When this fails to happen, Dave steps in to correct some unrealistic thinking the CEO or business owner may have about the time and abilities their team has to make this new idea successful. He also helps these elite business people engage their families who may be reticent to shake things up.

These ideas and issues can apply to any successful entrepreneur at any level and are worth listening to.

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Jack Mize

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