Dawnette Palmore – Focusing On Your Vision vs The Next Sale For Financial Success

Being an entrepreneur can be one of the toughest challenges a person can face. Creating and maintaining a profitable business can be overwhelming and stressful. Many business owners become so focused on where the money is coming from that they lose sight of where their money is going and why they started their business.

In this episode, Jack talks with Dawnette Palmore, founder and owner of Proverbs Financial Coaching. Dawnette shares how she empowers professional and entrepreneurial women who make great money but don’t know where it goes to gain control of their finances without sacrificing their lifestyle so they can live a financially stress-free life.

Through her own mistakes with money, Dawnette discovered how to keep vision-focused instead of budget-focused which has allowed her to get out of debt, save and invest in her future all while enjoying the things she loves.

Since 2015, Dawnette has empowered hundreds of women to create thriving and profitable businesses, live their life on their terms and be at peace with their money.

To learn more about Dawnette Palmore, visit https://www.proverbsfinancialcoaching.com

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