Dina Cerchione – Hollywood Style for ‘Real People’

In this episode of Influencers Radio, Jack talks with Style Expert Dina Cerchione.

Hollywood stylist Dina Cerchione is one of the busiest in town. She’s been making people look great on and off camera for over 25 years. With shows such as America’s Got Talent, Deal or No Deal and Beat Shazam, her styling finesse has refined the look of thousands—celebs and “real people” alike.

Dina’s style philosophy is the same for both men and women. “Personal style is more important than fashion. Keep it simple, make it your own, and choose accent pieces wisely.”

Dina’s passion for style started at an early age when she didn’t look like all the other girls. “They were all wearing skinny designer jeans and Candies shoes, and that simply didn’t work for me and my Italian curves! I wanted a way to stand out and look great, so I discovered using clothes in a way that accentuated and worked with my body, not against it.”

Now she works that same magic for others. When working with clients, Dina takes her styling cues from the personalities of the people she dresses. Her goal is to always make clients look and feel their best, for whatever THEIR life looks like, not a life that they don’t lead. She helps clients define their own personal style rather than just choose another off-the-rack trend.

So if the time has come to reinvent yourself, Dina can make even the “fashion challenged” feel like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks.

To learn more about Dina Cerchione, visit https://dmcstyles.com

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