Dr. Ben Adkins – From Struggling Chiropractor To Fearless Entrepreneur

Dr. Ben Adkins went from a struggling new chiropractor, praying for new patients to walk through his door – to within six months, having to hire more help because patients were busting through his door.  Now he’s helping thousands of Entrepreneurs apply the same proven principles that got him there.

Dr. Ben shares his story with Jack, in this interview, about how this success evolved into his current business. He’s been helping business owners for years to be more successful and have a better personal lifestyle.

As his chiropractic business grew so quickly, other business owners took note and wanted help duplicating this success for themselves. Ben found himself working less with his own patients and more with business owners. Eventually, he made the tough decision to sell his practice and devote himself to helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

In this interview, he shares what he’s currently doing with Fearless Social, the company he’s grown over the years to help others.

Great inspiring story with eye-opening strategies.

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