E. Brian Rose – JVZoo Co-Founder Reveals How Viral Social Media Positioning Launched an Empire

E.Brian Rose took the Internet Marketing world by storm, challenging industry Goliaths when he launched JVZoo, and he did it with zero venture capitalist funding.

In this episode Jack talks with the Co-Founder of JVZoo and best selling author of the book, “Millionaire Within: Untold Stories from the Internet Underworld”, about how he used a minuscule marketing budget and some very clever viral social media tactics to propel JVZoo to the multi-million dollar platform it is today.

They also discuss how these same strategies can be applied to any other business out there – online, as well as brick-and-mortar.

His new book, “Millionaire Within: Untold Stories from the Internet Underworld”, was just released by Morgan James Publishing. The book pulls back the curtain, giving you a front-row view to Rose’s journey to becoming a self-made millionaire, detailing the simple steps he took to make a fortune on the Internet. These tales of failure and success will motivate you to jump in and start your own journey.

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