Frank Kern – Marketing or Market? That’s The Question

In this episode, Jack talks with Frank Kern, one of the most recognized pioneers of Direct Response Marketing Online.

Frank, very honestly discusses his humble, and at times, embarrassing beginnings in what has become his extraordinary marketing career. From frustrated credit card machine salesman to being one of the most sought after and emulated marketing personalities online.

Frank talks about how he made the decision to essentially start over and learn how to do marketing the right way when many others would have conceded defeat.

He goes on to discuss some of the misconceptions that people have when trying to break into internet marketing. It’s not about the “thing” being marketed. It’s not about the marketing that is being done. Rather, it’s about the market itself. If you don’t have a hungry market, nothing else matters.

Once you find that hungry market, find out what they want and give it to them.

Frank really exemplifies an expert who has never called himself an expert. This crown has been bestowed upon him by his many fans, customers and personal clients.

To hear more golden nuggets from Mr. Frank Kern himself, listen in on this interview. You won’t be disappointed as Frank shares some of his philosophies for what he does, and some easy strategies to use. This is definitely one episode you’ll want to bookmark and listen to over and over again.

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