Heather Hornung – Human Design Guide For Moms

In this episode, Jack talks with Human Design Guide and Energy Healer Heather Hornung about how Moms can create healthy family dynamics and harmony in the home through living their unique design.

Without a doubt, a Mom is potentially the most influential person in their kids’ lives.

Heather Hornung knows first hand that Moms who take the initiative to know themselves on a deeper level, when they honor and nurture themselves, can shift how they relate to their families and foster a more loving and compassionate home environment.

Heather’s mission is to help Moms recognize and utilize the platform they’ve been given to have a massive impact on their kids’ lives through the beliefs and attitudes instilled in them and to be a living example of what it looks like to be confident, secure, and capable so they can bring their very best selves to their families.

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