Jan Saunders Maresh – Master Group Sales and Talk For Profit

Communications expert and author Jan Saunders Maresh has figured it out. A simple way for growing your business. Even though most people fear it more than death itself, in her opinion, speaking to groups is the way to go.

In this interview with Jack, Jan explains her formula for speaking to groups successfully in a manner that will reap financial rewards. And she doesn’t mean speaking to thousands on stage with lights in your eyes.

As the creator of Talk for Profit, Jan teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses by speaking to small, highly targeted groups. Most importantly, she teaches how to magnetize a talk so that it moves the audience along to the desired end, where they’re anxious to pull out their wallets for more.

Her recommendations are not for those who want to be motivational speakers or those who want to expound to an audience for the purposes of entertaining them. Jan works with those who want to increase their income and help their audience solve a problem.

Rather than spew out everything someone has learned over many years, Jan has her clients talk about one topic which is of interest to others, leaving them wanting more – either through a service, a product or a virtual product.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to grow your business, Jan Saunders Maresh provides a simple, highly doable strategy that works.

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