Jeff Beale – Mr. Marketology Fast Tracks Marketing and Branding for Growing Businesses

Marketing Consultant Jeff Beale, known as Mr. Marketology, discusses how he helps successful companies that are expanding fast track their marketing and branding for new products and services they may be adding.

Overcoming disconnects between the marketing department, executives and the technical teams is something that Jeff specializes in to avoid the struggles that are so common in product and service expansion.

He points out that the technical team has a certain mindset focused on the look and functions when asked to develop a website, compared to a marketing department which is focused on the content and online marketing concepts, compared to management which is focused on how quickly all of this can happen and the sales results that are obtained.

This disconnect can cause pushback from each department which is non-productive. Jeff is highly skilled at making all involved realize the common goals they all should have and the personal investment which contributes to the success of the company and of everyone involved.

Jeff discusses how he works around this and helps everyone come together, doing their individual parts to attain the goals they’re all working toward as a team.

Jeff has had great success in helping companies without having to be involved on a long-term basis. He helps them turn things around and may come back to consult as market conditions change and new strategies are needed.

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