Keith Baxter – Traffic and Health Expert Puts a Personal Twist on Native Advertising to Escalate Sales

In this episode, Jack interviews his longtime friend and colleague, Keith Baxter, a renowned, highly successful internet marketer.

Keith has had a lifelong passion for health-related things and not only preaches good health, but he practices what he preaches.

As a result of this passion, many of his ventures, in the past and currently, involved selling products or supplements in the health industry. His current venture is in the brain health niche.

Keith discusses an interesting twist he’s taken with “native advertising,” where he writes articles himself that are educational, are syndicated, and which are pointed to an educational site. All of this eventually leads to enticing sales from the readers.

He doesn’t believe in the anonymous approach, lending his face, knowledge and opinions to videos which are also an important component of his marketing strategy. Giving people access to him via videos, articles and emails has worked for him in past businesses and continues to work for him now.

The products he’s promoting are highly niched and attractive to biohackers, and require educating people because they’re not mainstream products. As a result of Keith’s strategies, he’s building a strong community of followers who are interested in buying his supplements.

Keith also shares a recent personal business failure he experienced and the lessons he took away from this failure. A poignant story – you’ll come away with an enhanced respect for this man whose life is an open book.

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