Kerry Burrows – Turning Midlife Crisis Into a Midlife Transformation

In this episode, Jack talks with Certified Health & Life Coach and founder of KayBee Consulting Kerry Burrows about how she helps women who feel lost or stuck in the second act of life.

Midlife Crisis—it’s a term we don’t particularly think about until we start experiencing the signs. For some, it’s psychological; for others, it’s physical; and for many, it’s both. During this time, the battle with our bodies, weight, energy, and self-confidence seems to get harder and harder. The impact can take a toll, physically and emotionally.

The way we feel can carry over into our relationships and just about every aspect of our lives.

Kerry Burrows specializes in helping women turn that Midlife Crisis into Midlife Transformation.

As a former research scientist, Kerry worked in healthcare for over two decades after earning her Biology & Applied Health degree. With a passion for nutrition, fitness, and women’s health, she is now inspiring and empowering women to create energy, balance, and joy!

Today Kerry’s passion & purpose is to guide midlife women with heart-centered coaching, science-based tools, strategies, and programs to support their journey for balance in their bodies and within their lives.

Kerry’s philosophy is that we are One Body, One Mind, and One Heart that are all interconnected. Her training as both a health and life coach allows her to see, hear, and help the whole person and not just the initial problem or struggle.

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