Marjorie Saulson – How To Magnetize Your Message

Marketing consultant, public speaking and networking coach, Marjorie Saulson, has been using her voice both professionally and to grow her own business for years. In this interview with Jack, she shares how she helps business owners and entrepreneurs use their own voice to market and grow their businesses.

Most business owners shy away from speaking for their businesses, feeling that they won’t do it properly or that they don’t have that “perfect” voice they feel is necessary. In fact, very often they’ll spend part of their marketing budget to pay others to speak and market for them.

Marjorie cautions that some of that money may be spent in vain, if an ineffective marketing professional is hired. She prefers to teach these business owners how to magnetize their own message and use their own voice to share the passion they have for what they do and how they can help others.

Rather than trying to emulate a famous speaker or person and speak in someone else’s voice, everyone needs to share their authentic selves. People can tell when you’re not being yourself and will shy away from doing business with a fake.

According to Marjorie, networking situations can be very effective for growing a business and are often done incorrectly. The mindset needs to be focused on building relationships during these meetings, rather than making a sale.

This is an interesting interview with some great tips for finding and sharing your own true marketing voice.

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