Marshall Sylver – The Ethics, Morality and Science of Using Irresistible Influence to Make People Want to Buy From You

Marshall Sylver, author of the best selling book “Passion, Profit & Power”, is the World’s Leading Business Hypnotist and Expert on Subconscious Reprogramming and Irresistible Influence.

As a highly respected business consultant sought by Fortune 500 companies, Marshall has led training programs for companies like IBM, Ford, KFC, and Pepsi, teaching management how to motivate employees and sales staff how to close deals.

If that’s not enough, Marshall is a world class entertainer and the creator of the largest hypnotic production show in the world, headlining top showrooms in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. He’s also a favorite on the Howard Stern show and appeared an unprecedented five times on David Letterman, even bumping the Famous Top Ten List.

In this interview, Marshall reveals how Irresistible Influence can be used to subconsciously persuade a prospect to ask you to sell to them rather than you having to convince them to buy from you.

Marshall also cautions that Irresistible Influence is not to be used as a way to trick anyone into buying anything regardless of quality or need. Explaining why confidence in what you are selling is a must, Marshall asserts, “if you believe in what you’re selling, you have a moral and ethical obligation to sell it”.

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