Nick Dumitru – Plastic Surgery Marketing Expert

Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing Expert and Best Selling Author of the book “How to Be a Cut Above Your Competitors” , Nick Dumitru goes beyond SEO and discusses the much deeper psychological trigger points that influence a consumer’s decision on choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon when looking online.

According to Dumitru, the real value in online marketing is being able to persuade and convince a patient to choose you over the competition. He teaches physicians how to look at the factors that help consumers make decisions and how to leverage their marketing information to help consumer’s justify their decision to peers, family and friends.

The consumer is making a decision on anywhere from a three-month to twelve-month cycle so the physician’s marketing needs to be focused on giving information in a way that differentiates themselves from their competition.

Nick Dumitru’s Best-Selling Book – How To Be A Cut Above Your Competitors

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