BRANDING YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS – How to Attract Clients that say YES!

In this episode, Jack talks with Ramona Lever, author of “BRANDING YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS – how to attract clients that say YES!” about the importance of a Personal Brand and why being your authentic self is far easier and more powerful when it comes to attracting the best clients.

Ramona is an Internationally Accredited Behavioural Profiler and Personal Branding Expert and is on a mission to give female entrepreneurs Permission to Shine and create an abundant life for themselves. Her extensive experience in Sales and Marketing coupled with her background in Coaching and Counselling have given her the passion and understanding to empower others to achieve outstanding results.

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Jack Mize

Jack Mize is the host of Influencers Radio, Best Selling Author and contributor to and Huffington Post, covering Influencers and Innovators in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Growth.