Rosalyne Chatman – Navigating The Process of Selling Your First Home

In this episode, Jack talks with real estate agent Rosalyne Chatman about how she is helping first-time home sellers navigate the selling process.

The real estate market is hot right now. If you are thinking about selling your home, there are a lot of things to consider, especially for first-time sellers. You likely had a lot of questions as a first-time homebuyer, and you probably have a lot more as a first-time home seller.

Rosalyne Chatman has been a real estate agent for 23 years servicing the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia areas and has helped hundreds of sellers achieve their goals so they can move onto the next phase of their lives.

Rosalyne specializes in educating and assisting first-time home sellers through the selling process, from preparing the home to sell, showings, negotiations, and getting to the closing.

Listen in as Rosalyne busts common myths and misconceptions around what it takes to successfully sell your house in both hot and slower markets, as well as how to avoid mistakes that can cost first-time home sellers time and money.

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