Scott Keffer – Business Success for Financial Advisors, Money Managers and Estate Planners

In this episode author, speaker, coach and wealth planner, Scott Keffer  shares how he helps Financial Advisors, Money Managers and Estate Planners take control of their own business and accomplish the goals they had in mind when they first entered into this industry.

Most advisors are taught to cast a wide net and talk to everyone and accept anyone as a client in their business. As a result, they work long hours and don’t make the amount of money they should be making. Furthermore, they often don’t enjoy working with some of the clients they’ve engaged.

Scott helps financial advisors develop a different mindset, similar to that of a country club, where a potential client has to “apply” to be accepted as a client. Those accepted would be preferred clients who allow the advisor to let go of other clients who are not the ideal fit. This leads to making more money, working fewer hours and enjoying working with the clients they do have.

The mindset and the strategies which Scott shares can be applied to many other industries and businesses and are well worth listening to.

Scott is offering Influencers Radio listeners a Special Report and Free CD, just email to request your copy.

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