Stephen Swensen – Creator of the Last Advisor Platform

After ten years as a financial advisor, Stephen Swensen reached a plateau in both his earnings and the time he had to invest in building his business. In this interview with Jack, Stephen shares information about The Last Advisor platform he created to solve that problem.

Early on in his career, Stephen tried all the “usual” methods of marketing his business that everyone else was doing: seeking referrals, print ads, and, yes, even billboards. He was extremely frustrated when he found nothing he was trying was working well for him. Eventually, he arrived at a strategy that worked for him and that he was very comfortable with.

To his surprise and delight, he found that his income increased tenfold. The interesting part was that his workload not only didn’t increase tenfold, but, in fact, it was less than it had been to start with.

Stephen now shares his system called Last Advisor with other financial advisors, in the hopes of helping them earn more income and have a better lifestyle. Though geared towards financial advisors, there are many great takeaways and strategies in this interview which can be applied to other niches, as well.

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