Setema Gali – From Super Bowl Champ To Rock Bottom On Winning In Business & Life

In this episode, Jack interviews NFL Super Bowl Champion, Setema Gali, who discusses his uncanny ability to make money – lots of money and how he went through some extreme highs and lows to get there, including having to sell his Super Bowl ring to pay the bills.

Surprisingly, Setema found that while he was making a lot of money, he still felt a lack in his life. Something was missing. He was driven to work, work, work, and the money flowed in. But it just didn’t feel right.

He discovered that the missing piece had nothing to do with money and business success at all. The other things, which had been neglected while building a business, where the truly important things. Of course, these are family, friends, health and enjoying life.

As a highly successful business and life coach, Setema now works with successful entrepreneurs who are feeling that same lack. They’re working themselves to death, their health is suffering and they have no time for their loved ones.

You’ll want to listen to this enlightening interview with a true champ, Setema Gali.

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