SJ Harrison – Overcome The Fear of Speaking To Unlock Your Performance Power

In this episode, Jack talks with Voice and Performance Coach SJ Harrison about how she is helping smart professionals overcome their performance challenges to become effective presenters and achieve the highest results.

Public speaking and presentation IS performance. Whether it’s a Zoom meeting, onstage, or in the boardroom, highly skilled professionals in all industries are being called upon to show up and give a performance… with little or no training in how to do it effectively… if at all.

It’s no wonder that the fear of speaking in public affects about 75% of the world’s population.

If you are valued for your creativity and know-how but experience anxiety because you are finding yourself more frequently thrust into the limelight, then you need to check out this episode.

SJ Harrison is an internationally trained performer with a strong background in organizational culture and development. As the creator of the “Unlock Your Performance Power” coaching program, she helps skilled professionals who are anxious about presenting and public speaking turn their challenges into triumphs by teaching them her highly effective performance techniques.

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