Steven Griffith – High Performance Coach To Celebrities, Athletes & CEOs

High Performance Coach, Steven Griffith talks about how many Entrepreneurs and Executives feel like they are running out of time, which is something they can’t control.

Griffith explains that the reality is, their beliefs, ability to focus and stay balanced, which they can control, is what is really preventing them from performing at much higher levels.

For Griffith, the most important part of success lies in mindset. He believes in being focused on knowing what your purpose is, creating goals, and eliminating limiting beliefs and distractions. He also educates his clients on how to be more present so they can start responding to the things that are happening in the world, instead of unconsciously, emotionally reacting. “I use this word grit,” he explains, “grit is being able to have a sustained effort in the face of resistance.” Griffith believes that grit can be the difference between success and failure.

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