Dr. Tanja Hightower – Overcome Negative Attachments and Grab Your Destiny

In this episode, Jack talks with empowerment speaker, life purpose consultant, and author of Destiny Grabbers, Dr. Tanja Hightower.

Do you ever feel stuck, like you’ve lost your passion, maybe unsure of your purpose? Perhaps you’ve been through a terrible situation or faced insecurities, rejection, and abandonment, causing unhealthy relationships to detour your success financially and emotionally.

Tanya P. Hightower understands all too well how negative thoughts, attachments, and behaviors due to past pain and trauma can cause us to feel like we’ve lost our path in life… because she’s been there herself, chronicling the journey in her book “Destiny Grabbers.”

In her 30 years of public service and 25 years as a leader in Ministry, Dr. Hightower has reached thousands of people who are lost to help them unearth their identity and discover purpose. Empowering, encouraging, and enlightening individuals so that they can do the same for the next person.

Through her women’s group workshops, speaking engagements, as well as one-on-one and group coaching Dr. Hightower helps women discover purpose, get their passion back, redefine themselves, and refocus on who they are and what they were born to do.

To learn more about Dr. Tanja Hightower, visit https://tphightowerint.com
Check out her book “Destiny Grabbers” on Amazon.

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