Crystal Cave – Style Revolution For The Not So Skinny Body

Crystal Cave shares with Jack how she helps the “not so skinny” woman learn the secrets of how to style, look great and love the bodies they’re in now.

After years of styling celebrities & big brands from Taylor Swift, Mercedes Benz, and the Billboard Music Awards, Crystal has become a master at transformations, and not just in how women look but how they feel about themselves.

Their increased self-confidence and ability to enjoy life right now are direct results of what Crystal does.

So many people live in the future when they feel life will be great when they lose those famous “20 pounds” and they’re finally able to get those clothes they see others wearing.

Unfortunately, for many, that time never comes and in the meantime, they’re not satisfied with living right now.

Crystal believes women shouldn’t wait until they achieve what they feel is their perfect weight. They should look and feel great in the body they have right now. The other important point she makes is that everyone’s body is unique. There are not two bodies alike and there are no perfect bodies.

Knowing how to dress for the body you have now will make all the difference in the world and Crystal is an expert at styling.

This is a very timely interview as many focus their New Year’s resolutions on losing weight in hopes of achieving perfection in the future.

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