Keven Card – Best Selling Author of 321 Down Street

In this inspiring episode Jack welcomes Best Selling Author, Keven Card, discussing his new book, 321 Down Street and how this story was created from not just his own experiences but the experiences of many other parents and their children born with Down Syndrome.

Keven loves children – especially his own. He welcomed all of them with open arms. When his fifth child, John-Michael, was born with Down Syndrome Keven experienced firsthand the emotions and issues that arrive with this life changing news.

Keven calls 321 Down Street a “factional” story – a fiction book based on facts from many. He wrote this book because facts give information but stories are shared and he wants to spread his message to the masses that these children are a gift and have their own purpose in life.

This heartwarming book is a true inspiration and gift of encouragement to other new parents experiencing these fears and uncertainties.

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