Dr. Delice Coffey – Champion Focus and Mental Performance for Athletes

In this episode, Jack talks with Psychologist and Mental Game Coach Dr. Delice Coffey, Founder of Living Well n Sport & Life and the D. Coffey Foundation for Athletics and Education and the author of “An Athlete’s Guide to Peak Performance Series.”

What separates great athletes from good athletes? What sets the Tom Bradys, Michael Jordans, Serena Williams, and Tina Thompsons apart from their peers? Is it physical skills, years of dedicated practice, gifted genetics? While those are certainly important, the best of the best will tell you that mindset and mental preparation have played just as important a role as physical preparation in their success.

Listen in as Dr. Coffey shares how she is helping junior high, high school, college, and semi-professional basketball players elevate their game by educating and empowering them to be the best version of themselves so that they can soar to the top in sports and life.

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